What is lingerietryonhaul.com?

This videos produce by Andy Ferr, every video you see here are genuine original content in high quality 4k. See our trailer in Youtube.

Are these video are free to watch?

I know you have heard many times, but this videos are very expensive to produce, if you like what I do, your support is really appreciated. Click here to join my website.

I have seen many videos on YouTube for free, why should I pay you?

You don't have to. There are many genuine content makers on YT, unfortunately there are more and more channels with stolen content from other Youtubers, they sell their stolen content on various channels. Why is that a problem? How would you feel if you work 40 hours a week and someone else takes your paycheck? We have to invest money and tons of working hours to able to upload one video for you. Don't you want your money to go to people who actually produce the content for you, so they can produce more?  My videos are only available on my main website FERR-ART.COM. If you see them somewhere else you can just help me by dropping a message here.

Are the videos are in really 4k? My phone can record in 4k.

I use professional cinema camera to record every video. No DSLR's or other device. I could tell you the brand but don't want to get into a which brand better debate. However I shoot on a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k :). If you were expecting an Arri Alexa or a Red Helium, sorry to disappoint you. Really can't afford to buy or rent a 100k camera. That doesn't mean in the future I wouldn't use them, but at this moment it would be just really an over kill. However any cinema camera is different from a DSLR or mobile phone records. A video comes out form a cinema camera is very flat, it requires many hours of post production to get the colors right, get the look what you looking for. This is the really investment for me. With a normal DSLR in 30 minutes you could get an ok looking video, with a cinema camera it takes 10-30 hours work. Obviously most of the content makers wouldn't bother with this amount of work. I believe the results of the cinema camera really speaks it self and worth all work and investment to get the look what pleases your eyes.

How about music, I heard some nice songs in your clips, are they legal?

You might be surprised but I pay for the licence on artlist.io. The music is not free but I believe it worth to pay for it so I can deliver a much better quality content you.

Have you got any more question? Feel free to message me here.


Thanks for reading.